The concept behind our latest design "Live More"

The concept behind our latest design

Live More.

Cross Train. Be fit. Live More.

Our mantra is truly born from our passion of living life to the fullest. We set our goal to inspire people to elevate their mind by chasing after new experiences. To get to the core of these experiences and feel their deepest impact, we believe that your body should be strong and ready for any physical challenge.  

Have you ever found yourself wishing you were strong enough to climb a rock? Or have you ever felt like you were limited because you couldn't make it to the top of a mountain? We have. Our solution to this feeling was preparation through Cross Training. Here's a testimonial from one of our founders:

"For me, it worked the opposite way. During the last two years of college, I decided to bring my body to a fitness level it hadn't been before. I chose HIIT due to the lack of time and an extreme amount of schoolwork. As soon as I graduated, my friends were asking me to go on hiking trips and due to my fear of exhaustion, I would always say no. A hike was a scary thing for me. I never enjoyed the scenery because I was constantly out of breath. It wasn't until my second year of adulthood that I was invited to yet another hike from a different group of friends. They would NOT quit and finally, as hard as it is to believe it, they convinced me. To my complete surprise, not only was I able to pull off 6 hours of hiking under constant rain but also my breath rarely gave out. I was blissful! I cannot describe this feeling. Cross Training really changed my life and I owe so much to this workout method." - Domniki 

Do you see why we believe in Cross Training as the way to LIVE MORE? 

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