How to Reduce Injury Risk at HIIT Workouts

How to Reduce Injury Risk at HIIT Workouts

We are always excited to see people start including HIIT workouts in their daily routine. Like any form of exercise, there is a risk of injury in HII training as well. For beginners it is important think about the state of your body and take the necessary precautions before jumping into your workout. Here are a few ways:


No. 1: Warm up!

Especially at the beginning stages of your working out, it is important to complete an adequate warm-up session. Even 5 min of prep can significantly change the way your body will respond to the exercises.

No. 2: Posture Is Key

Maintain the right form throughout the exercise: One of the major reasons for injuries is not paying attention to your form while completing an exercise. Make sure that you follow the trainer’s instructions precisely. It’s alright to sacrifice an extra rep or so when you are first starting than to put excess pressure on your joints.

No. 3: Pick Your Trainer

It is great to see an abundance of trainers “HIITing it up” and we love the variety that you can see out there. However, do your homework when it comes to picking your trainer or your workout. Simple tip: Specify your search to “beginners’ HIIT workouts.”


No. 4: Prioritize Recovery

We can’t stress enough how important it is to have your rest days. If you are committing truly to HIIT workouts, then 3-4 times a week is the perfect amount. Plus here at Right Cross Athletics, we want you to save time with your workout, not overtrain and risk injuring yourself. Instead, get out there and explore!

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