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Leg day, then arms, cardio, core, and cardio. Rest and repeat. Well, here at Right Cross sometimes we get tired of repetitiveness. Besides, September ends and it’s time to wake up. What a better day to wake your body up than take your workout to the beach? Well more like the ocean.   Surfing, yes you heard me right. Surfing is not necessarily a summer sport. It’s an all-season sport when you have a brave heart and an insulated wetsuit. Paddling to the breakpoint puts our best cross-athletes to the test. Your arms need time to warm up and by...

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We are always excited to see people start including HIIT workouts in their daily routine. Like any form of exercise, there is a risk of injury in HII training as well. For beginners it is important think about the state of your body and take the necessary precautions before jumping into your workout. Here are a few ways:   No. 1: Warm up! Especially at the beginning stages of your working out, it is important to complete an adequate warm-up session. Even 5 min of prep can significantly change the way your body will respond to the exercises. No. 2:...

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HIIT: Discover what it is, why it works and three of the best HIIT workouts for maximum weight loss.   HIIT: High intensity interval training – a technique that’s earned its name as the hottest training method on the market. It’s fast, intense and said to burn calories like nothing else, but what is it that actually makes this method of training so effective? If you’re still unsure of what really goes into a HIIT workout and which calorie-burning processes are triggered within the body as a result, you’re about to find out. Let’s finally answer the question many have...

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