Surfing is the newest HIIT

Surfing is the newest HIIT

Leg day, then arms, cardio, core, and cardio. Rest and repeat. Well, here at Right Cross sometimes we get tired of repetitiveness. Besides, September ends and it’s time to wake up. What a better day to wake your body up than take your workout to the beach? Well more like the ocean.


Surfing, yes you heard me right. Surfing is not necessarily a summer sport. It’s an all-season sport when you have a brave heart and an insulated wetsuit. Paddling to the breakpoint puts our best cross-athletes to the test. Your arms need time to warm up and by the time they do your heart is already racing fast. Making it past the break is a matter of dedication and concentration. You find a unique combination of serenity and owe right at that point. All you need to do next is push through. Push harder, paddle faster and believe deeper.


Now, it’s a whole different story once you get out there. Miscalculating the distance or catching the wrong wave can cost you another decent paddling session. The next time your on your board gazing at the horizon you’ll pick your wave carefully and spend your energy wisely.


Working out can be about accomplishing some goals and pushing yourself further. We think that working out should also be this, plus a balanced mental state. Being a cross-athlete is not just a workout. It’s a way of living and appreciating the opportunities that this world provides. It gives you so much more than just gains.

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